We are a client’s Digital Partner

We help you embrace Digital to build the next level of customer, employee and partner online engagement. We offer end to end services covering design, development and operate.
Design and Web
Our Digital Design services range from graphic assets through to complete User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) concepts and proofs. This leads to full web production where we create brand audience-aligned websites and pages. Using the very latest innovative technology and contemporary designs means we can advance you in the market and increase your audience brand engagement.
Online Surveys
We provide a full Online Survey service. This includes creation, deployment and reporting. We also provide customised research tools for areas like continuous service tracking and customer feedback. Our surveys cover all audiences from internal employees to existing customers, to sample market.
Application Development
We create applications in all areas of business from Apps through to Customer Engagement through an internal process. We provide a full software development service from functional design through to development, staging, testing and release. We support and provide on-going development to carry this forward to add in modifications that enable you to evolve and improve.
Digital Platform
Digital adoption and development require platform and systems. Inform provides the technical support and system provisioning to ensure that the Digital layer can perform seamlessly and successfully. This ranges from hosting, through to internet-working tools and applications.