March News


International Women’s Day Section

The cause for equal opportunity in the workplace is making progress but still has a way to go. That’s WHY it’s so important to highlight significant moments such as International Woman’s Day. We thought we would show you how successful Inform has been in this area by introducing you to some of our team and their success;
    • WHO: Dawn Pitt
    • ROLE: Regional Sales Manager
    • WHY: Based on outstanding performance, Dawn has risen to become the Regional Manager of our Sales team across 3 office locations and the entire APAC region.
    • WHO: Jenny Muncal
    • ROLE: Regional Business Manager
    • WHY: Started with Inform as an accountant 9 years ago. Today she runs our Manila office which has over 120 members of staff. Jenny is also responsible for Inform’s regional business in APAC and its clients.
    • WHO: Cindy Yam
    • ROLE: Brand and Digital Marketing
    • WHY: She was the first Inform Group Singapore employee and in the beginning worked remotely from a home office. Over the last 3 years, she has been instrumental in establishing our business in Singapore, opening up an office, which is now our thriving Singapore office, building up our team and a successful portfolio of clients.

These fabulous ladies are a selection. Inform has many successful women who make the difference to both our business and Inform’s clients day in day out.

Congratulations to all our woman in Business, we were proud and keen to make a noise about this for international Woman’s Day.


“I approached Inform because I needed to work with an established agency who had both a media arm and a demand generation arm. Their flexibility allowed us to re-shape our program as our goals and direction changed, consequently meaning that we were able to maximise our investment, deliver results and uncover new opportunities for our sales team to follow up on. I’d recommend working with Inform if you’re after an honest agency who will work with you to deliver your goals.”
Kristy Allen
Marketing Manager


With Easter fast approaching we have decided to run a competition with the chance to get your hands on a gift in time for Easter. We have placed an Easter egg on a specific page of our website, whoever locates the Easter egg has a chance at getting their hands on a fantastic prize.
To enter all you need to do is:
Go to
Locate the Easter egg which we have placed within one of our pages
Input your information into the contact form at the bottom of the page which contains the Easter egg and a short description of where on the page the egg is located


Thanks for taking a look at some of the things we’ve been up to in the last couple of months.

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