Our Digital Media solutions comprise publisher media, mainstream platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google, and the latest in AdTech programmatic. We transform advertising into brand personalised audience experiences and enable clients to build an audience as well as deliver campaign results.
  • Objectives include Awareness, Engagement and Conversion. We research and plan media to create tailored tactics with accurate and controlled performance projections
  • We set out target KPIs across performance data points and deploy optimisation to dynamically adjust activation to maximise results.
  • We are experienced in many audiences and industries including Tech, NFP, B2B, Consumer and SMB.
  • We have highly advanced offline integration which means we can offer greater result guarantees including reach, traffic, leads, sales and sales pipeline.
  • We activate and deliver all media with a comprehensive optimisation, reporting and campaign management approach.
We have an extensive portfolio of direct Publisher relationships which enable us to develop Publisher-specific media solutions and find specific and niche audiences.
We cover DMP 1st, 2nd, 3rd party audiences, DSP Ad Exchange buying, Brand Safety and Ad Serving. We run dedicated programmatic, we integrate direct publisher buy and execute attribution modelling to achieve channel independent performance analysis.
Search, Social, Native
We have a full service and accredited in-house service covering specific channels including Search, Social and Native.
Account Based Marketing
We offer extensive ABM audience data and inventory integrated with our ABM marketing services and Media Channel partners.
Email Media
Email offers highly concentrated media placement. Email inventory and dedicated Solus emails are highly contextually relevant and create high click-through rates. Inform also offer their own email data, as well as data provided by data and media partners.
Inform not only delivers media campaign results, but we also provide services and approaches to build a client’s own audience. This includes the acquisition and transfer of data and intelligence for specifically available for a client. This is building a client’s market, a high-value asset.
Inform Audiences
Inform own their own audience data and Data Management Platform technology. This means we have the in-house capability to develop campaign and client specific audiences based on pre-existing qualified data.
Tech Audiences
Inform own their own Tech Audience. We believe this offers as strong and as targeted reach as any 3rd party tech audience in APAC. This audience is engageable through Digital activation, Email Marketing and Telemarketing. See ITUpdate
Tech Media
Inform own their own Tech Publication called ITUpdate. This creates IT and Business Decision Maker traffic and engagement. We not only publish Tech information, we actually assist the audience to find the information and content they require. See ITUpdate

Media Partners

Inform have an extensive portfolio of best-in-industry media suppliers. These have been carefully researched and selected to offer a comprehensive range of audience reach and engagement formats. Inform’s services include the consideration, planning, execution, commercial management and result management across all media resources.











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