Every organisation is critically dependent on high performance employees, but in today’s business it’s not just about great employees, it’s about leveraging different labour models across the varying roles and functions in your business. Our suite of services offer 4 models which can be engaged individually or combined and integrated to provide a comprehensive and powerful workforce platform.
We provide a full recruitment service which finds new employees for new and vacant positions. Our service ranges from brief through to placement including job specification research, job description development, job packaging, advertising, screening, interviewing, offer management, negotiation and on-boarding.
We host contract staff in our own offices. This includes both our Sydney and our Manila offices. In our Sydney office, we offer the localisation to the Australian marketplace. In our Manila office, we leverage the benefit of cost-effective, talented labour and also an APAC enabled solution.
Temporary Staff
We convert contract staff to permanent staff. If a customer has tested a resource and wants to bring them in-house, on to their own payroll, Inform provides this as a service.
Staff Outsourcing
Not only do we provide the contract staff but we also go further and provide an entire team or process.
Our Sydney office provides a full Resource service offering including Recruitment, Contractors, Temporary Staff and Staff Outsourcing.
Our Manila office provides extensive Manila-based staff outsourcing. This provides access to motivated and talented resources. This service is capable of providing individual resources as well as full teams, departments and processes. We cover solutions and services across ANZ and APAC.
In Singapore, we provide Contractor and Temporary Staff services to customers on their premises.
Across APAC we offer in-market resource contracting. This means the resource resides and operates inside the local market.