We provide tele customer representation services with best practice, scale and sustainability. This gives you an adaptive and dynamic business tool to drive results and look after essential customer coverage and engagement. Our tele representation services have been in place for 17 years, successfully growing our client’s sales, marketing and customer service results. Our 150 agent capacity is based across 2 Telecentres in Sydney and Manila.
Our outbound Telemarketing services deliver many marketing tactics and executions. This service is custom designed to your objectives to give you the precise engagement you want. As a full service, we provide all design, execution, management, result handling and reporting.
Lead Generation
We provide turn-key lead generation covering profiled leads, MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads), SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) and Appointment Setting. These leads are specified to order including all lead attributes, the specific deliverable amount and the specific deliverable timing and pacing.
Inside Sales
We provide an Inside Sales service which streamlines and optimises sales engagement. The scope includes lead follow up, qualification handling, sales opportunity conversion, appointment setting, nurturing and a direct interface to sales teams to ensure maximum sales personnel effectiveness.
Event Marketing
We have specialised Event Marketing executions which provide an end to end service. This includes coverage planning, event telemarketing, registrant reminder and post-event follow up. We complement this with a full Email, Digital and Media adverting approach.
Contact Centre
We provide inbound Call Centre services. This includes the telephony, the call handling, the agent service and all design, process and reporting. We combine this with a Digital Call Centre capability which covers Email in-bound and Website Livechat.
Data Enrichment
We enrich your data including cleaning and acquisition through a service-based approach. We use online research, telemarketing and database programming to improve your data set.
Data Acquisition
We acquire and supply data. We have an extensive data set of our own and we connect with leading data suppliers and data brokers to source an optimum data set for your requirements.
High-end agents with best in class Sales, Marketing and Customer engagement skills
Advanced call and telemarketing systems
Purpose designed environments and office spaces creating high performance
Management personnel covering telemarketing design, scripting, training, coaching and performance management
Methodologies combining and leveraging industry best practice
Email and Digital integration
Digital channel integration with Advertising, Email Marketing and Marketing Automation
Multi-language capability with in-house country aligned teams and resources
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