Enable our Team

Enable our Team provides a client with a Philippine workforce.

This workforce can be individual employees or large teams and departments.

The workforce works directly for you the client via Enable our Team's employment and administration.

Managed Benefits

We help you build out the benefits package that makes you an employer of choice delivering employee satisfaction and motivation. Health Insurance, Leave entitlements, Health and Wellness.

Managed Payroll

We administer all aspects of payroll including attendance and time-based pay. We deliver 100% Philippine law compliant and audited.

Managed Desktop and Workspace

We provide optional fulfillment of desktop computer equipment and workspace.

The service includes:

We consult with you to determine the job packaging that will enable you to hire the optimum employee. We recruit and source candidates.


We onboard and orientate into your team and your setup.

Employer of Record

We employ the employee on your behalf. This means you can attain all the benefits of a Philippine based employee without having the business and employment administration and liability overhead.

Managed HR and Offboarding

We provide an employment HR service and if and when the time comes, the offboarding process.

Service and SaaS platform

Our service is delivered through a dedicated service representative and an online Software as a Service platform, so that you have full visibility and information on your workforce and service at all times.

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