ANZ and APAC Wide Audience, Database and Websites

ITUpdate covers 10 ANZ and APAC markets which include email subscribers and website members. Specific sites and markets are ANZ, SG, MY, PH, ID, VN, TH, HK, IN. Each market includes localised language, content and agents. This creates a significantly personalised experience leading to high quality outcomes.

Our decision maker data includes Organization and IT profile data, decision making profiling information and purchasing intents.

Content Publishing

ITUpdate enables IT Vendors to publish and disseminate marketing content via its website and email subscription channels. Content is categorized through an advanced IT classification system which aligns its relevance and targeting toward IT decision makers with pre-determined interests.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing service gives you instant delivery to qualified IT decision makers across 10 ANZ and APAC markets. With 100% design, copy and content customization we are able to create highly tailored emails which yield high performance engagement.

Onsite Advertising and Promotion

ITUpdate offers on site advertising and promotion formats providing options to standout and take up prominent placement. These placements and formats include;

  • Featured Content
  • Site Advertising Inventory
  • Dedicated Content Pages
  • Email Advertising Inventory

Digital Advertising 1st Party and 3rd Party Data

ITUpdate offers 1st and 3rd party data digital advertising solutions through its inhouse DMP platform. This enables ITUpdates 1st party audience to be reached anywhere on the internet through programmatic activation.

In addition, ITUpdate can integrate 3rd party DMP audiences to seamlessly extend reach and performance.


ITUpdate engages IT decision makers through Tele contact. This enables ITUpdate to develop deep and accurate needs and insights. IT decision makers trust ITUpdate to discuss their requirements and introduce IT Vendor engagement for consensual and arranged follow up.

Complete Solutions

The ITUpdate solution set ranges from Brand building with Digital touch through to profiled subscribers and lead generation with direct email and telephone engagement.

Solutions are available as individual packages or as a fully integrated, end to end programs.

Audiences are carefully engaged, nurtured, segmented and converted.

  • Content Posting
  • Onsite Advertising
  • Internet Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Tele Engagement
  • Lead Generation